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Use multiple pencil types and add comment text and details directly to the drawing.Attach photo images to the drawing and view them together with CAD objects, such as line and area features. (video: 1:30 min.)How to Use CAD:The “How To Use” video provides tips for using AutoCAD, including how to begin using a new version and training videos. Watch here.Manage your creative projects and applications more efficiently with the new Revit / AutoCAD Bridge. View here.DesignEvo Documentation:A new feature called the DesignEvo Documentation Viewer makes it easy to download design documents created in DesignEvo and the DesignEvo Prototype, including comprehensive and interactive PDFs of your design files, images, and XREFs. View here.Watch the “DesignEvo Introduction” video to learn more about this new tool and how to use it. View here.The DesignEvo Documentation Viewer can be accessed by opening a DesignEvo package file. A new project toolbar will open automatically. Click on the cogwheel icon to view the interactive documentation viewer. Then click on the “next” button to download the design.DesignEvo Design Support:DesignEvo includes an auto-activate Design Support menu option that will instantly open the Design Support window and display all DesignEvo documentation, including functionality videos, the Design Support Menu, and the video reference guide.To access the Design Support window:On the keyboard, press CTRL+LMB to open the Design Support window.On the touchscreen, tap the “Design Support” icon to open the Design Support window.Create a new Design Support file:Select “New Design Support File” from the Design Support window.Or start a new Design Support file from the Design Support window.Open existing Design Support files:Open a Design Support file that you already have created.Open the Design Support window by pressing CTRL+LMB, and then select the “Open Design Support File” item from the “Design Support” menu to view existing design documentation.Design Support Menu:Open the Design Support menu by pressing CTRL+LMB.Design Support Menu Example:View videos, online training courses, 2be273e24d

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