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Ottawa's Premium Black and white Photo Booth

GoBooth - wedding photoshoot

Our Glam Booth Pro is the ultimate experience for those looking for the 'Kardashian' look. GoBooth has designed what is possibly the best custom filter to create the perfect glam look. This experience is perfect if you’re looking for some classy Hollywood magic.

Virtually airbrush every photo.

Our Glam Booth flawlessly smoothes complexion.


Glam Booth - Smiling Girl
Glam Booth Digital Photo Booth
Glam Booth Pro Photo Booth

Additional hour 110$

Digital Glam Booth

Photos with the ideal selfie lighting. Instant skin smoothing & glow built right in.

Digital photos only.

Glam Booth Pro

Professional Studio Quality images with our custom glam filter.

Prints on site.

Choose your package: 

On-site Attendant

White 8'x8' Backdrop


Still Photos

GIFs & Boomerangs

SMS / email sharing​*

Personalized Template

Digital Copies of all your files


Digital Glam Booth

2 Hours

Additional hour 100$

On-site Attendant

White 8'x8' Backdrop

Still Photos


SMS / email sharing*

Personalized Template

Digital Copies of all your files

Professional Online Gallery

Prints Onsite

One 4"x6" print for every person in the photo  

DSLR Camera

Professional Beauty Lighting


Glam Booth Pro

2 Hours

Additional hour 120$

Glam booth modern templates

Our Glam Booth templates are simple, minimalist, and beautiful.


1 hour - dusty rose.jpeg
Additional Hour
  • Need more time? We'd be honored to stay longer.


idle time - dusty rose.jpg
Idle time
  • Pause the booth for x amount of time, and resume later that evening. The attendant stays on site for this.


wifi available
Wifi internet
  • If your venue has weak, slow, or no wifi, this is required for SMS & e-mail sharing.


Guest book
Guest Book
  • Includes a 20-page album with all the needed supplies + professional services.


Red Carpet
Red Carpet Event
  • Premium silver stanchions

  • Premium red velvet ropes

  • Premium red carpet runners​


*The instant sharing via SMS & Email only works with wifi. The venue must include WIFI for this to work.

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