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Frequently Asked  Questions.



Q. What is your traveling area?


• Anywhere in the Gatineau-Ottawa area.  If you need us out of town, a flat 1$/KM will be charged.

• Our system will calculate the distance of your event starting from our storage in Orléans, if it's less than 50KMs, it's free.

Q. Who will be taking the pictures?


• A professional, well-dressed, well-spoken, on-site bilingual attendant.


Q. Can I extend the photo session while on-site?


• It happens, you underestimated how much fun this would be, and you don't want us to leave.

• We charge 50$ or so for each additional 30 minutes of booth time


Q. What are Space Requirements?


• A dedicated 10 ft. by 10 ft. clear area with a minimum of 8 ft. of height clearance in order to set up and operate the photo booth. This area also allows for your guests to safely walk in and around the booth and camera equipment.




Q. Electrical Requirements?


• Access to a dedicated electrical outlet within 10 to 15 ft. of the photo booth setup. We request that no other equipment be connected to the provided outlet (lighting, DJ equipment, bar appliances, etc).




Q. Cocktails?


• Plan on having cocktails and/or hors d’oeuvres at your event? If so, we require a small (30” or smaller) cocktail table be provided to us (with linens if necessary). We will provide a table for our equipment and props. Unfortunately, our equipment and props don’t play well with liquids of any kind!


Q. What choice of backdrops do you have?

Q. Can I provide my own backdrop?


• Absolutely, This is your party after all. As long as it fits in a 10' x 8' frame.




Q. What props do you have?


• We don't just have a large variety of silly scarves, hats, and glasses, We also carry the trendiest props & an assortment of real vintage props. 

• Props matter! Cheap props = Cheap-looking pictures, we try to carry only high-quality stuff. 


Q. What do the prints look like?


• The photos are photo lab quality (thermal dye printer) 2x6 or 4x6 prints.

• You can customize the print layout and event labelling (image, logos, text, etc.)

• You can include 1 to 8 photos on the print



Q. How many can fit in the booth?


• 2 to 8 is ideal but we've seen large groups of up to 30 fit into a single frame!


Q. How do I get access to my pictures?


• All pictures will be posted online on our website in our client album section for FREE!

• Concerned about privacy? so are we! - A password of your choosing can be added to your album.




Q. But what if I have slow internet at home?


• We can provide you a USB Key with all of your event's pictures for an additional 40$.


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