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We offer professional on-location  headshots in Ottawa

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The GoBooth team makes it our top priority to make you look great! You want a headshot image that reflects your professionalism. We guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results! 

is Key

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Our goal is to make your headshot experience painless and convenient. We capture your images quickly and beautifully thanks to our team of professionals.

For individuals, we give you our full attention and take the time to give you the look you're after. For large teams, we capture several beautiful headshots in as little as two minutes per person conveniently at your office, conference, or trade show! We work according to your schedule and needs.


2 Hours

Our package includes 2 hours of photography time which is enough time for 30 employees.


On-location studio setup with travel included in the Ottawa Region.


Get up to 30 employees done in just 2 hours. Add more for just $25 a person.


Pure white backdrop, always included.​


Our professional retouching Service guarantees you'll look your best

How to

Mini how to pose instructional session for each individual


All your images will be delivered via a Google drive folder for safe keeping and easy uploading to your system.


Tips for Employees to Prepare for a Professional Headshot Session

Professional Headshots: The Key to Making a Powerful Corporate Impact

Having a professional headshot can make a significant difference in your career. It’s not just about getting your photo taken; it’s about creating a profound first impression. Professional headshots are critical in today's corporate world and can help professionals gain an edge in their job applications or personal branding strategies.

Getting corporate headshots might seem like an insignificant detail to some. Yet, ask any seasoned professionals, and they'll tell you the impact it can deliver is undeniable. A corporate headshot is the first thing people see on your LinkedIn profile or job application. That’s your first chance to make a great impression. A professional headshot gives a glimpse into your personality and sets the tone for who you are as an individual and a professional.

Suppose you want to ensure your LinkedIn profiles stand out from the crowd. In that case, it’s time to upgrade from selfie snapshots to high-quality, precision-shot corporate headshots. Corporate headshots that stand out from the rest are those where the focus is entirely on the subject. A professional studio will always ensure that you’re the star.

But getting a corporate headshot isn’t as casual as just booking a shoot and turning up. There’s a thought process involved, a lot of meticulous work that goes on behind the lens to create that perfect portrait. To ensure your professional headshot captures your individuality and projects a strong image, you need to hire professionals who understand this art. They will offer you the kind of professional headshots services that goes beyond just using a professional-grade camera. They ensure every part of your persona is captured in that one image.

Getting a professional headshot is an investment to elevate your overall professional image. It's like handing a business card, except it's visually more appealing. Just as you'd spend time picking a font or design for your business cards, you should focus on creating a unique professional headshot. The end product reflects not just your corporate persona but your personal brand. It helps you connect with prospective clients or employers on a more personal level.

Whether you desire corporate headshots for your job, career, or LinkedIn networking, it makes sense to hire a professional studio specializing in this genre. They have the expertise, experience, and the know-how to ensure the photo doesn’t just look good; it elicits a positive response from the viewer. When you book a time with them for a photo shoot, they help create a professional atmosphere conducive to drawing out your best look. It elevates the professional headshot from simple imagery to personal branding, providing you with a game changer in your career pursuits.

So, don't hesitate. Check out professional headshots services today and ensure you make a powerful corporate impact!

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Tips for Employees to Prepare for a Professional Headshot Session

Taking professional headshots is a crucial part of one's professional portfolio. These professional photos are not just about capturing a face, but about creating a personalized window into the individual's work-life personality. Therefore, the way these shots are taken makes a considerable difference. This article will provide some tips on how people can prepare themselves for a professional headshot session.

One of the critical tips for preparing for professional headshots is understanding the process. Understand that this isn't simply taking a photo using a phone. Professional headshots are a precise art form, employing strategic light techniques and masterful portrait photography skills to create the perfect corporate persona visually. Before you attend your session, read up on what to expect during the shoot. This way, you can make the necessary preparations and feel more relaxed when the day arrives. Having prior knowledge of what to expect will loosen up your facial expressions and body language during the shoot, ensuring a more natural result.

Your photographer's work is to make you appear as both skilled and approachable, so your job is to help them make that a reality. Be aware of your body language. It can communicate volumes to the people viewing your headshot. It's best if your body language showcases your confidence in your skills and your genuine approachability. Stand or sit up straight, keep your shoulders relaxed, not hunched, and most importantly, be yourself.

Choosing what to wear on the day of shooting is also a significant part of the process. Simple clothing works best for professional headshots as the main focus should be on your face, not your outfit. Stick to neutral colours and avoid busy prints that could create a distraction. Also, consider the impact of light on your appearance. Properly applied, light can create flattering angles and shadows that can emphasize your best features. When used incorrectly, harsh light can create uninviting shadows or unflattering reflections so your photographer’s understanding of light and how best to employ it is crucial.

Finally, seek quotes for professional headshots services beforehand. Compare the experience of different photographers and their rates before making your decision. Remember, the most expensive isn't necessarily the best, but do not skimp on quality. First impressions often set the tone for the rest of your professional relationships, so it is worth investing in a professional headshot that can boost your career and establish a powerful corporate image.

In conclusion, preparing for professional headshots does not have to be a daunting task. With the right preparation, the process can even be enjoyable. Follow these tips, and you will be on your way to having a photo that can effectively reflect your professional persona.

Mistakes to Avoid in Professional Headshots for the Best Results

In the realm of professional photos, one essential way people can set a powerful corporate impact is through professional headshots. However, there's a prevalent risk of making mistakes if one lacks knowledge of the way to go, which may compromise the desired best results. By avoiding these errors, you enhance the output of your headshot. So, what are the mistakes to avoid in professional headshots for the best results?

Firstly, the most common mistake is overdoing the hall gear or hill gear. It's critical to understand that the gear ecoflow, such as lighting and lens, while vital, won't automatically define the quality of the headshot. It's the portrait photographer's expertise that makes all the difference, so focus more on their skills rather than the gear's sophistication. Ultimately, it's not about the gear but the people behind the lens and their mastery of the photographic process.

Next, overlooking the background is another common mistake. It isn't enough to have four or five changes of clothing, one must also consider the background. Having a plain or monotonous background can make your headshot look dull. Varying your background provides depth and versatility to your professional headshot. Remember, the background your photo should complement your physical features and corporate brand, giving the audience insights into who you are as a professional.

Another crucial point involves posing. Often, people try to imitate poses they see in other professional photos or LinkedIn headshots, thinking it's the way to go. Imitation isn't always the best course; instead, work with your portrait photographer to strike poses that naturally fit your features and personality, encapsulating your own unique brand of professionalism.
Consider, too, the importance of high-quality professional photos. These are the differentiator between a professional headshot and a casual photo. Do not underestimate the relevance, time, and effort required to get high-quality photos. Go beyond the basic selfie or casual snap; invest in a professional photo that will present the best version of you to the world.

Lastly, not updating LinkedIn headshots is a common fallacy. Many believe at once done, and you can stick with the same headshot for years. However, people evolve, and so too should the professional images that represent them. Consider updating your headshots periodically to keep them in trend with your current professional status.

In conclusion, to derive the best results from professional headshots, it's important to avoid these common mistakes. Utilize the right gear ecoflow, vary your background, strike your unique poses, prioritize quality and refresh your headshots regularly. With these, you're well on your way to having professional headshots that will effectively convey your professionalism and identity.

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How can professional headshots benefit a business?

Professional headshots serve as an essential tool for businesses, amplifying their brand identity and professional credibility. They offer the first impression of your team to clients, investors, and partners, showcasing a polished, unified image. A well-executed headshot humanizes your business, making your team appear approachable and trustworthy. This could enhance client relationships and customer engagement. In an increasingly digital era, high-quality headshots help you stand out in crowded marketplaces, contributing positively to your brand’s online presence. By investing in professional headshots, businesses create a solid foundation for reputation, recognition, and rapport.

How Often Should People Update Their LinkedIn Headshots?

LinkedIn, a professional networking site, is one of the platforms where people often turn to maintain their professional image and attract potential employers or clients. One of the key elements to a compelling LinkedIn profile is having an up-to-date, high-quality professional headshot. So, how often should people actually update their LinkedIn headshots?

Experts suggest that people should update their LinkedIn headshots every 18-24 months on average. However, it's not just about updating for the sake of updating. Each time you update your headshot on LinkedIn, it should communicate your current level of professionalism. An out-of-date headshot may convey a lack of seriousness about your career or business, potentially causing viewers to question your professionalism.

Professional headshots can be significantly impactful, serving as the key to making a powerful corporate impact. A high-quality headshot goes beyond just being a photograph; it's a representation of who you are as a professional. It's your online handshake, your visual CV. Therefore, it's important to invest in professional headshots services that can deliver the top-notch quality required for such important photos. After all, a lackluster or outdated headshot won't make the strong impression you're aiming for.

Now, you may wonder, "What if I've had professional headshots taken recently but my look has drastically changed?" Well, in this case, it's recommended to get a new headshot. If you've undergone significant changes like dramatic weight loss or gain, a new haircut, or aging, your headshot should reflect those changes.

Preparing for a professional headshot session may seem overwhelming. However, with some guidance and tips, the process can be made easier. Deciding on a look that represents your professionalism, getting enough rest before the photo shoot, and communicating clearly with your photographer about your vision and intent are all great ways to ensure that your headshots meet your expectations. Remember, the goal is to differentiate between a professional headshot and a casual photo, putting your best professional foot forward.

LinkedIn Headshots are critical in conveying professionalism through portrait photography. By regularly updating your LinkedIn headshot, you ensure you're effectively communicating your professional brand's evolution, along with showing your commitment to maintaining a fresh, updated profile. The return on investing in regular professional headshots is the increased chances of recognition, opportunities, and new connections in the competitive professional world.

In conclusion, while there's no hard and fast rule regarding how often you should update your LinkedIn headshots, the guiding principle is to ensure your headshot accurately portrays your current professional image. Make updating your LinkedIn headshots a regular practice, and consider it an investment in your career or business growth. The right professional headshots can help you stand out on LinkedIn and provide an accurate representation of your professional persona.

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LinkedIn Headshots: Conveying Professionalism Through Portrait Photography

Let's talk about LinkedIn headshots. They're not just pictures, they're a form of communication. They convey professionalism in an instant, and can make or break a person's impression of you. You see, portrait photography isn't just about loading up the camera and taking a shot. It's about capturing emotions, personality, and, especially in this case, professionalism.

Sure, you might know how to upload a profile image on LinkedIn but using a casual photo versus a professional headshot can be the differentiator in how you're perceived. If you're not a photographer yourself, don't worry, that's what professional headshots services are for. A professional photographer knows how to manipulate light, manage backgrounds and guide you to capture the best version of you, ideally suited for a platform like LinkedIn.

Proper lighting is possibly the biggest factor in any type of photography, and portrait photography is no exception. A professional photographer uses light not just to illuminate, but to add depth, cast shadows, and highlight the best features. It's in the adroit manipulation of light that the professional's expertise truly lies.

Selecting the right professional for your LinkedIn headshots isn't always an easy task. You'll want to hire a photographer with a keen eye, someone who has mastered the art of portrait photography but what's even more important is that they understand the professional nature of LinkedIn. This isn't a family photo or a shot with your dog. This is, in essence, a representation of your professional self, and must be conveyed in the best light possible.

A proper professional headshot can be the key to making a powerful corporate impact. When colleagues, potential business partners, or recruiters look at your LinkedIn profile, this is your chance to make a great first impression. To catch their eye and compel them to know more about your professional journey. It's like dressing up smartly for an important networking event or job interview – a move that divulges your seriousness about your profession and career growth.

That’s why it’s recommended to prepare yourself accordingly before the professional headshot session. This isn’t like taking a casual picture on a day out. There's preparation involved – from selecting the right outfit to wear, ensuring your hair and makeup are on point, to practicing the right expressions – your job is to represent your professional self in the best way possible and the photographer's job is to capture that professionally.

Indeed, the importance of high-quality professional photos can not be stressed enough. Your LinkedIn headshot is possibly your first point of contact with your professional world - make sure it’s a point well made.

What are the benefits of having consistent professional headshots across all employees?

Having consistent professional headshots across all employees can help to create a cohesive and professional look for the company, and can make it easier for customers and clients to recognize and connect with individual employees.


It can also help to reinforce the company's brand and culture and can showcase the expertise and professionalism of the entire team. Additionally, consistent headshots can help to improve the overall visual appeal of the company's marketing materials and online presence.

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The Importance of High-Quality Professional Photos: The Differentiator Between a Professional Headshot and a Casual Photo

Some common mistakes to avoid when taking professional headshots include poor lighting, distracting backgrounds or props, overly posed or unnatural expressions, and unprofessional clothing or grooming.


It's important to choose a skilled photographer who can provide guidance and feedback on posing and expression, and to ensure that the lighting and background are simple and clean. Additionally, employees should avoid wearing clothing with logos or graphics, and should ensure that their hair and makeup are well-groomed but natural.

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