The newest craze
in photo booths

The GoBooth Ring Roamer is Ottawa's first Mobile Photo Booth Unit.

It's designed to be in the party, on the dance floor or be in the crowds!


Unlimited Photos

FREE unlimited photo sessions for your guests.

On-site Attendant

A professional attendant stays on-site for the length of your event.

Data Plan

No WIFI? No problem! Our booth comes with its own internet connection.

FREE Online Album

Online access to all your pictures with custom URL.



Digital Props

Still Photos

GIFs and Boomerangs


Custom Branding

Social Media Integration

Text Messages/e-mail Sharing 


Ring Roamer

1 Hour

Digital Props

Still Photos

GIFs and Boomerangs


Custom Branding

Social Media Integration

Text Messages/e-mail Sharing

 Stationary Stand
(Can still easy roam if needed)

Premium Backdrops


Ring on a stand

1 Hour



Digital props

With our advanced live face-tracking software, you are able to see your chosen digital props placed in real time. Our digital props add that extra fun factor to your event.

Still Photos

Allow your guests to take a standard still photo with an overlay border of your choosing. Templates can have one to four pictures.



Create a buzz with the GIF Animation option! Guests can take a series of photos that our software will combine to create an exciting stop animation that can be shared on social media.


One of our most popular features, Boomerang captures a series of photos in quick succession and creates a great live-action “photo” ready for sharing.



is a big part of this experience

and we made it easy for guests to share in different ways.

Text Messages

GoBooth allows your guests to share their photo via text message by simply entering their phone number



With our email templates you can easily customize your events look and feel and send stunning emails to each guest within seconds.

Optionally post your photos to a Facebook album or Facebook page of your choice. We also support offline Twitter sharing and the ability to send Instagram-ready MP4s via email.


Ring on a stand

This setup includes our latest ring roamer photobooth in a more traditional feel. We install it on a stand along with one of our premium backdrops.
The ring roamer can still be removed from the stand in an instant.

Premium Backdrops.
Rose Mermaid
Rose Mermaid

Champagne Mermaid
Champagne Mermaid

Greenscreen - Digital Backdrops
Greenscreen - Digital Backdrops

Rose Mermaid
Rose Mermaid

  • Rose Mermaid Sequin

  • Champagne Mermaid Sequin

  • White & Gold Mermaid

  • Black sequin

  • Gold sequin

  • Modern Geometry (Black)

  • Modern Geometry (White)

  • White Chevron Wood

  • White Leather

  • Black Leather

  • White Flower Mural

  • Pure White​



Additional Hour

  • Need more time? We'd be honoured to stay longer.


Social Media Kiosk

  • Add an additional sharing station

  • Instantly share your pictures online to social medias

  • Instantly share your photo locally to your iPhone (no internet required)

  • Includes wifi hotspot


Red Carpet Event

  • Premium silver stanchions

  • Premium red velvet ropes

  • Premium red carpet runners​



Using modern greenscreen technology, we are able to digitally superimpose your guests in front of customized backgrounds, creating unique take-home photographs that are sure to impress.


Custom Step & Repeat Backdrop

Step and Repeats are perfect for advertising your brand, cause or special day. Your guest will pose in front of this custom backdrop making them feel like real VIPs at your event not to mention great marketing opportunity. - The backdrop is yours to keep after the event. Our backdrops are 9 feet wide & 8 feet high.


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