What is a Print Template?

A print template is what prints on-site

A print template takes multiple photos and places them into one beautiful, custom-designed template.

Print Template overlay.jpg

The overlay might be as basic as a logo or text, or it can be a complex design.

Our Glam Booth Pro features simple, minimalist designs.

Glambooth templates.jpg
Print template size difference.jpg

Our 2"x6" strip-style templates print in pairs.

Our 4"x6" postcard templates print solo.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from.

All with customizable text, date & logo.

Looking for something truly unique?

We will create a template from the ground up with your exact specifications.

As soon as your event is booked, you will receive a link to our template gallery where you will be able to browse, select and request modifications for your template.

If you haven't confirmed your event with us yet but would like to visit our browse-only template gallery, you can do so by clicking the button below.