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Setting up a fun and engaging photo booth for your event requires a lot more than just a great camera; it's all about the view. More specifically, it's about creating a unique and visually appealing backdrop. Photo booths aren't simply for candid snaps anymore; they're a significant part of the event's decor, reflecting the overall theme and style of the big day. A backdrop background can significantly change the look of your photo booth from basic to spectacular.


*Premium Backdrops are included with the Party & VIP packages.
Specialty Backdrops cost extra.


Backdrops can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. For those in search of a more understated and classic appeal, our basic backdrop is an excellent starting point. A simple red velvet fabric media is a timeless choice, providing a clean and minimalist canvas that allows the focus to remain on the people in front of the camera



What size options are available for photo booth backdrops?

The sizes of our backdrops are all uniformly 8ft x 8ft.

Is standalone backdrop rental possible without the photo booth?

While we specialize in providing a complete photo booth experience, we currently do not offer backdrop rentals as standalone items. 

Custom backdrop creation: What's the expected timeframe?

The creation of a custom backdrop is a detailed process that we approach with great care to perfectly match your event's theme. Typically, we ask for a lead time of 3-4 weeks. This allows us to work closely with you to design and finalize the backdrop, ensuring every detail is just right and that you are completely satisfied with the final product. If you have a tighter timeline, please reach out to us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Are your photo booth backdrops available for purchase?

Certainly! Each of our exquisite photo booth backdrops is available for exclusive purchase through our esteemed partner, Photobooth Décor. They specialize in providing an array of stylish and sophisticated backdrops designed to elevate any event. For more details on purchasing, please visit Photobooth Décor's website or contact us for direct assistance.


For those looking to add an artful touch or create a thematic scene, you can't go wrong with wall media. Whether you choose an open-air or closed booth design, wall media can be tailored to match your chosen theme, whether it be a fairy-tale forest, a glitzy glamour scene or a vintage rustic view. Outdoor nuptials present even more unique opportunities for stunning photo booth backdrops. Use the natural scenery to your advantage or hang banners for a more personalized touch.

Pure White

pure white backdrop


For this Magazine-ready effect to work right, additional light sources, equipment and time is required from us to make this perfect.



Using modern greenscreen technology, we are able to digitally superimpose your guests in front of customized backgrounds, creating unique take-home photographs that are sure to impress.


Greenscreen photography and on-site printing make the perfect accompaniment to your next corporate event, brand activation or marketing campaign.



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