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Strike a Pose: Mastering the Art of Posing like a Boss in a photobooth

Updated: Jan 8

So you think you can pose huh? What if I told you there was an easy-to-follow recipe for improving your picture-posing skills by one gazillion percent? Read this article to learn the top 3 mistakes I see people make when posing for their picture and how to avoid them. ​​

Learn how to pose like a boss for your wedding photos with our expert tips and tricks. This stunning photo of a couple striking a confident pose is just a taste of what's possible. Let us help you capture unforgettable memories on your special day. | GoBooth - Photo Booth Rental Ottawa

#3 mistake - You're not looking at the lens.

Description: "Make sure to avoid this common mistake during your couple photoshoot! Looking directly at the camera lens creates an intimate connection with your partner and makes for a stunning photograph. Read our latest blog post to learn more tips and tricks for your upcoming photoshoot with GoBooth, Ottawa's premier photo booth rental service.

Remedy: Stop looking at yourself on the screen while you're posing.

If you're new to pictures, here's a great tip, look directly into the camera lens.

Struggling to take the perfect picture? Here's a photo remedy that will instantly improve your posing technique. Stop looking at yourself on the screen and start looking at the camera instead. Our expert tips will guide you to take better photos and capture the moment perfectly. Read now and take your photography game to the next level.

It sounds painfully obvious, you pose for a picture, you look in the lens. You'd be surprised at how many pictures I go through where people are looking at themselves on the screen. I'm sure in the haste of things this seemed ideal (O.M.G my hair looks so fabulous right now) but the end result is a picture with drastically less presence. You (the subject) look out of place and your picture won’t be staying on your fridge's door for very long.

Here's an example of what happens when everyone is looking into the lens. Magic.

Our expert team at GoBooth knows how to capture magical moments like this one, where everyone is looking into the lens. With state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality prints, we'll help you create unforgettable memories at your Ottawa event. Book your photo booth rental with GoBooth today and make your event a success!

If you want to bring your "A" game, while posing, try looking on the horizon. Props help here, but when you immerse yourself and fully commit to whatever it is you're expressing, your picture will surely be a home run.

Capture the moment of a lifetime with this beautiful photo of a couple enjoying the breathtaking view of the horizon. Our professional photographers at GoBooth can help you create and preserve these cherished memories. Book your photo session today and experience the magic of the horizon with your loved one.

#2 mistake - You're not filling the frame

Avoid the common couple photography mistake of not filling the frame with our expert tips. Learn how to frame your shots properly and capture stunning images of you and your partner. Don't settle for subpar couple photos - read now and take your photography game to the next level. | GoBooth - Photo Booth Rental Ottawa

Remedy: Step closer to the photo booth.

Look, let's be real here. You don't need a fancy degree in photography to know that filling the frame is important. I mean, come on, it's not rocket science. But apparently, some people need a reminder. So here it is: if you want to take a decent photo, make sure you fill the damn frame.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "But I don't know anything about composition!" Well, join the club, pal. But guess what? It doesn't matter. Because filling the frame is the one thing you can do to salvage a crappy photo. Trust me, I've seen more terrible photos than I care to admit. And let me tell you, a simple tweak like filling the frame can make all the difference between a cringe-worthy photo and a mediocre one.

So, don't be afraid to get up close and personal with your subject. Get that camera all up in its face, show it who's boss.

Avoid the common couple photography mistake of not filling the frame with our expert tips. Learn how to frame your shots properly and capture stunning images of you and your partner. Don't settle for subpar couple photos - read now and take your photography game to the next level. | GoBooth - Photo Booth Rental Ottawa

No two booths are identical, and they carry all kind of different cameras and lens, Here at GoBooth Photo Booth Rental in Ottawa, we use an 18-70mm lens, mostly in the 22-35mm area. What this means is that, just like the passenger side view mirror of your car, "Objects are closer than they apmost impressive results, this is no exception.

By filling the frame you can add great impact to the image. You eliminate unnecessary clutter and bring a dynamic element to the photo. In photography school, they teach you to either use your zoom lens or your feet, since our photo booths are stationary, you're limited to your feet.

Here I asked this gorgeous couple to step closer. See the difference?pear". We use wide angle lens because I like the ability to shoot large groups. I can fit 10 people with ease and I've seen up to 20 get on top of one another trying to fit. The downside is that people's default behaviour is to stand as far away possible from the camera, butt against the backdrop. This isn't a police lineup people.

To account for this, All of our photo booth attendants have been trained to entice the guests to come closer so they fill the frame, this is especially true if you're only 2. I've started putting tape on the floor as a marker for the amount of guests in the session, but not everyone is the same height so results can vary.

Pro tip:

If you want to create an epic shot, then I encourage you to get your face all up in that lens. Doing so will create a cool head-shot. When you're game to try this, the trick to this is to lower the strobe light power by 1/8th (flash's intensity) or else your pretty face will end up overexposed (washed out). This is something that only our trained professional photo booth attendant will do. When posing, feel free to throw gang signs in there and act like you're in a Rap video.

Get ready to capture the memories with GoBooth's photo booth rental in Ottawa. Step closer to the fun with our state-of-the-art equipment, customizable packages, and professional service. Our photo booth options are perfect for weddings, corporate events, and parties of all kinds. Book your photo booth rental with GoBooth today and make your event unforgettable!

Top #1 mistake (by far) - You're slouching!

Don't let bad posture ruin your photos. Learn how to fix the #1 mistake in photography and strike confident, flattering poses every time. Our expert tips and tricks will help you look and feel your best in every photo. Read now and elevate your photography game. | GoBooth - Photo Booth Rental Ottawa.

Remedy: Stand up straight.

Your mother has told you countless times, and the truth is standing up straight (or the lack thereof) can really make or break a great picture.

If you recognize yourself here, don't be offended, know that you're not alone. Slouching happens approximately 99.9% of the time, People love to slouch, I'm sometimes even attacked with snarky comments from people who are very pro-slouching when I suggest that they stand up straight. No need to defend your rights to slouch... it's just that the booth is configured in such a way that it assumes people are standing.

"When people slouch, their heads come forward, forcing the shoulders to come forward as well. This leads to jaw pains and headaches, and to shoulder and back pains too," says Susan, my favourite yin yoga teacher. "Additionally, if the mechanics of your spine are not aligning properly, it can affect your rib cage, which can damage your heart and lungs, and lead to gastrointestinal issues." Wait a minute.... What? Did I hear that right? Heart and lung problems!? Gastrointestinal issues!? The Doctors and Photographers Against Slouching and Bad Posture (DPASBP) might not be a real thing but I'm here, strongly suggesting that we all stop filling the top half of your photos with a backdrop and take a small step to better ourselves by being ergonomically correct, I promise positive things will follow.

Once you've mastered what I've expressed here, your photo booth game will surely be boss AF in no time.


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