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Cute baby overload

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Two years ago, when I started this photo booth rental business if someone would of asked me if I ever thought I'd be doing a photo booth for a 1-year-old's bday party - I would of said: tons!!! but secretly thinking "hmmm that must be one badass baby"

Well, this past weekend was that day, GoBooth did their first "1st birthday party" and it was a complete hit.

Clearly, the babies had no idea what was going on, but all the guests had tons of fun. You could tell the mommies really enjoy this much-needed break.

We had a chance to use our latest gold white Sequin backdrop. With these new mermaid sequin backdrops, you can write on them by reversing the sequin, people thought the backdrop was custom for the event! It looked that good. I don't know if it was our exceptional photo booth equipment paired with the natural day time light but the pictures really came out well. Check this out!

So now I know, with out a doubt, that a photo booth really can make any party THAT much better. A first birthday really is something to be cherish and remembered. Having professional pictures to commemorate this event was a really great idea. Hats off to you mom.

This couple opted-in for a video as well, I love videos, they always turn out so great :)

All the pictures can be found here:


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