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GoBooth's Analytics: A Simplified Guide

Are you curious about how GoBooth's analytics can help you understand your event's performance? Our enterprise package offers a robust analytics feature that provides a wealth of data, including photo views, printouts, share statuses, and more.

One of the most sought-after metrics is the number of emails and texts sent during an event. Rest assured, GoBooth has got you covered!


Total Shares:

Depending on your event's configuration, total shares encompass all shares made from our photo booth. These shares include email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and media downloads.

Survey Responses and Share Data:

If you've set up a survey, this metric shows the number of responses you've received. Share data refers to the information collected when guests share their photos/GIFs/videos via text or email.

Event Sessions (Photos vs GIF vs Video):

This metric provides the total number of sessions for an event, with a breakdown of photos, GIFs, and videos.

Total Photo Views:

This metric shows the total number of views for all photos, GIFs, and videos.

Shares Distribution:

A bar graph displays the distribution of shares, indicating how many were shared via email, social media, and/or text. It also shows the number of prints made at the event.

Share Distribution:

A pie chart presents the share data as a percentage, showing the most popular sharing option.

Estimated Reach & Impressions:

This metric provides an estimated number of reach and impressions gained during and after the event.


Most Viewed:

This metric shows the most viewed media (photo/GIF/video), including the number of times each was viewed.

Recent Photos:

This metric displays the most recent photos taken.

Recent GIFs:

This metric displays the most recent GIFs taken.

Photo Timeline:

The timeline indicates when photos/GIFs/videos were taken, helping you identify your busiest periods.


Ever wondered how you can track the deliverability of your emails and text messages from your event? That's where our handy feature, ShareStatus, comes in! It's like your personal postman, letting you know if your messages have reached their destination.

Decoding Text Message Status:

  • Sent: This means the text message has been sent out, but we're still waiting for an update on its delivery status.

  • Delivered: Great news! The text message has been successfully delivered to the phone carrier.

  • Undelivered: Oops! We received a delivery receipt indicating that the message wasn't delivered. This can happen for various reasons, including carrier content filtering. In simple terms, the phone carriers have marked your message as spam.

  • Failed: Uh-oh! The text message couldn't be sent. It's worth checking if the number is correct.

Deciphering Email Status:

  • Processed: The email is being processed and is getting ready to be sent to the email service provider (like Gmail, Outlook, etc).

  • Delivered: Hooray! The email has been delivered.

  • Opened: The email has been opened by your guest. However, this status doesn't always show up, even when guests do open their emails.

  • Bounced: Bounces usually occur due to outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses.

  • So, there you have it! With ShareStatus, you're always in the know about the status of your messages.

AVA (Advanced Vision Analytics)

AVA, short for Advanced Vision Analytics,is am optional, no cost feature. It uses a facial recognition neural network to dive deep into all the images uploaded from your event. It's like a detective, but for fun stuff!

AVA can tell you the gender distribution of your guests - how many are male and how many are female. It's also pretty good at guessing age ranges. But that's not all! AVA can also count the total number of faces detected at your event and even tell you the average number of faces detected per photo.


Click here to discover how our "SCRATCH & SPIN" feature can turn your event into a thrilling game of chance

Prize Wins:

This metric shows the total number of prizes won.


This metric shows the number of different prizes won. For example, if you've set up two different vouchers to be won, this shows that both types of prizes have had winners.

Prizes Distribution:

A pie chart shows the percentage distribution between the different types of prizes.

The table provides information on which prize was won, the contact details used for that session, when the prize was won, and a link to the winning image/video."



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